“Mom! Can you please enroll me in _________ class?” Ah….my parents heard these words all too often while I was growing up. (Now, it’s turned into, “Honey! I won’t be home on Wednesday night because I’m doing a pottery class.”) Suffice to say, I’ve always been interested in learning everything creative whether it’s been a jaunt to tea school, Mod Podge 101 (yes, there’s such a class!) or makeup and decorating.

As much as I love to learn, I also love to share everything I’ve learned.  One of my many professional adventures was dancing in Disney’s, The Lion King. If you look at pictures of my dressing room from that time, you can’t actually see where I sat because my area is littered with product everywhere.  During intermission, I was happy to offer my fellow friends and cast mates an eyebrow threading, or dish about the latest and greatest skin and hair products.

Many years later, I still love to learn and share. My hope is that through Brown Beauty Beat I can share all of the things I am passionate about: beauty, fashion, food, and entertaining.  As a lover of blogs, and reading in general, I am consistently inspired by others to live my best, most vibrant life. Just maybe, I can inspire you too.

I would love to hear from you!