Get your bedtime yoga on for deep relaxation and better sleep!

Each of us have busy, oftentimes stressful, lives.  It helps to remind ourselves of the importance of being kind to both body and mind.  Yoga is a wonderful way to help with this.  Light a candle, turn on some peaceful music and spend a few minutes breathing, stretching and inducing sweet dreams.  The following videos will help guide you and are appropriate for a variety of fitness and yoga abilities.

Tania Hakkim

I have always had trouble sleeping.  Usually because there are so many things going on that I have difficulty calming my mind.  Can you relate?!  While I’ve tried many different sleep aids and techniques, I’ve recently found gentle bedtime yoga to be extremely helpful for inducing a sense of deep relaxation before slipping into dream land.  Perhaps you will find the ritual soothing and peaceful too.

Try turning on relaxing music (I’m currently loving the deep, soothing sounds of this cd), laying out a yoga mat or towel, and completing one of the below bedtime yoga sequences.  It’s not a great idea to  have your computer screen on right before bed, so after practicing the sequence for a few nights, eventually you can try turning your computer around and just listening to the instructor’s voice.  If you have the sequences memorized, forego the video all together and practise on your own to music you love.

Whether you have 5 minutes or 30 minutes, there’s something for you.  I use the following YouTube videos:

Yoga By Candace:  A short, gentle sequence that focuses on breathing and light stretching.
5 Minute Before Bed Yoga

Yoga with Adrienne;  My favourite! Adrienne has a wide range of yoga videos on YouTube.
Yoga For Relaxation
Bedtime Yoga Sequence

Yoga is excellent for reducing stress and anxiety.  The awareness of breath promotes relaxation and the gentle stretching feels incredible after a long day.  I’m always surprised by the amount of sighs that slip out while I move through my yoga practice.  It serves as a gentle reminder of the tension I’m holding on to through out the day, and it is certainly a relief to let it all go before I hit the sheets.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Sending you positive energy and loving thoughts.




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  1. Beautiful Tania. I have also tried the breathing exercises that are part of yoga and found that very helpful! Now time to sleep…..

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