A little bit of ear sparkle…

The last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair as it has grown out to the point where my style options feel limited.  With spring not too far away, I’m definitely ready for change.   I’m contemplating bangs which  means I can once again  wear my favourite side bang/messy ponytail combo.

Wearing my  hair up also means more opportunity to wear my all time favourite accessory…earrings.  In fact, I always carry an extra pair in my purse just in case.   I don’t pay too much attention to whether an earring is ‘appropriate’ for day or night.  Sparkle during the day is not a problem!  I’ve been on the hunt for chic  double-sided earrings, which I’ve yet to try, so I’m excited to purchase the Banana Republic option.


earring round-up 2015

1. Anthropologie Letter & Stone Posts  (I purchased the ‘c’ for my hubby’s name.  So sweet!)

2. Anthropologie Castelo Drops

3. Marc By Marc Jacobs Tiny Orbit Studs

4.  Aldo Arnaz

5. Anthropologie Hexagon Hoops

6. Loft Cluster Statement Earrings

7. Banana Republic Necessary Luxe Double-Sided Stud Earring

8. Forever 21 Fringed Geo Drop Earrings

Have a wonderful week!


12 thoughts on “EARRING ROUNDUP

  1. Thanks for this! I have a tendency to worry about whether earrings are ‘appropriate’ for day or night so this is a nice reminder to let that go.

    Love the double sided earring look. I say do it!

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