Boots be gone…spring is coming!  Which means it’s almost time to step into your flats.

Truthfully I’m not much of a shoe person, however I do love a pair of stylish flats.  From animal print to bright coral (maybe it’s my inner ballerina) but when I happen upon a pair that I love it can be hard to resist.  Made famous by Ms. Hepburn (Audrey, of course!) they are timeless, chic and versatile.  Metallic flats, similar to the Zara option below, always have a place in my closet.  Every couple of years I repurchase a pair whenever I’ve worn my current ones out.  When I can’t decide on a shoe to wear, these go with everything!

Here is a roundup of pretty flats for spring, that wont break the bank.

flats for spring

1. Zara  Leather D’Orsay Shoes

2. BP Footwear Rebel

3. Zara Patent Ballerina Shoes

4. Aldo  Luma

5. BP  Moveover Pointed Toe Flat

6. Sole Society ‘Danielle’ Pointy Toe Flat


Audrey Hepburn

This picture reminds me of Paris.  Effortlessly chic women zipping through the streets in fabulous footwear…flats, of course.

Spring is near!  Have a wonderful week.


14 thoughts on “FLATS FOR SPRING

    1. I recently watched Funny Face and was reminded once again why Audrey is so timeless! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  1. I love flats myself as long as comfortable and style is still a possibility. Thank you! ! I really enjoy your posts.

    Theresa Luckhoo

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