An eco-friendly healing white clay face mask just in time for Earth Day.

Earth day is right around the corner, so why not celebrate by whipping up a face mask featuring 3 ingredients straight from Mother Nature!  While admittedly I’m not the most dedicated green goddess ever, green beauty is just one of the ways we can be good to the earth and ourselves.

white clay face mask

This soothing white clay face mask is appropriate for most skin types, including my sometimes sensitive skin, and leaves you with a clear, smooth complexion.  White kaolin clay is an inexpensive buy from health food stores.  The best part is that once you buy a box of white clay it will last you a really long time!  White clay is nourishing and helps to gently purify the  skin.  Besides using it on your face, you can give your entire body some love with a detox bath by adding a spoonful to running water.

The other skin loving ingredient in this mask is raw honey.  This miracle food naturally hydrates the skin, contains a plethora of minerals and enzymes, and has many healing properties.  If you have inflamed skin, I highly recommend slathering raw honey over your face for it’s antibacterial, soothing qualities.

I adore the following quote from Dr. Seuss’ classic book, The Lorax, about the importance of caring for the earth, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.”  So here’s to each of us doing our part green beauties!  I promise you will make this mask over and over again.  Do something good for the earth and for you this Earth Day.  Spring has truly sprung!




    1. Hi Lucia. Both are rich in minerals, however green clay has antibacterial properties and is typically used to treat normal to oily, problematic skin. It is generally not recommended for those with sensitive skin. Hope this helps!

  1. I like diy facial mask and now using facial mask with oatmeal, egg and apple. The recipe is very easy and effective. Ingredients: Apple, Egg Yolk, Oatmeal. Blend these 3 ingredients well. Spread the mixture all over your face. Let the mixture stay for about 20-30 minutes. Rinse it off with pure water. That’s all. You can try this recipe.

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